World’s Largest Marine Reptile- Kitakyushu Japan

Kitakyushu Japan

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Kitakyushu Japan this!

Using cutting edge laser scanning technology and advanced software,Palcoprep recreated a three dimensional life size skull from the flattened and crushed fossil remains of a 200 million year old marine reptile called an  “Icthyosaur”  . The skull alone is nearly 14 feet long! This was the largest marine reptile that ever lived and rivaled the blue whale in size!

What’s New?

St. Victor Provincial Park- Petroglyph Replication
One of the most exciting jobs Palcoprep has been involved in was the replication of a native “Petroglyph” rock art site in southern Saskatchewan. The rock was in danger of collapsing at anytime. Our job was to replicate the art work before this happened and the petroglyphs were lost. 60 ft down from the edge, this was a most exhilarating project!

St. Victor Provincial Park

Palcoprep technician applying silicone mold to the Petroglyph

St. Victor Provincial Park

After removal of the mold we were delighted to find a perfect replica of  “The Hunter” a  previously unknown petroglyph uncovered during site preparation!



Assiniboine Park Zoo- Road to Churchill Skeleton Exhibit
New display for Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg Manitoba. An adult Beluga Whale skeleton. Part of the “Road to Churchill” exhibit.

Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park


Town of Drumheller- Dino Miner Sculpt
The Town of Drumheller had Palcoprep design and fabricate their newest addition to the collection of Dinosaur themed displays around town. The “Dino-Miner” pays tribute to both the dinosaur heritage of the valley and the mining history as well.

Assiniboine Park