Introducing reinforced concrete "Paleostone"! Panel mounts of Smilodon californicus, the Sabertooth Cat, Dromaeosaurus albertensis a Raptor dinosaur in two poses. Available in 4 colours, black, rustic, brown and tan. Click here for details.

Lifesize Tyrannosaur Skull "Albertosaurus libratus" now available! Click here for details.

At Palcoprep, we always have something interesting on the go. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Sperm Whale reconstruction
  • Marine reptiles mount
  • Dromaeosaurus panel mount
  • Polar bear molding and casting
  • Documentary film support

Dromaeosaurus albertensis
Lifesize model of the Raptor Dinosaur "Dromaeosaurus albertensis" now available.
Click here for a demo




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Dedicated to the art, science and
presentation of fossils
and skeleton


Palcoprep dedicated to the art, science and presentation of fossils and skeletons. We provide accurate and attractive reconstruction, assembly and installation for museums, schools and universities throughout the world.


Youtube video

Video: Tylosaur Installation at Courtenay and District Museum & Palaeontology Centre